Wolf Shield - C D Gorri


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Wolf Shield - C D Gorri
epub | 238.76 KB | English | Author :C.D. Gorri | B08DC69LHV | 2020 | CHBB Publishing

Book Description :

Hudson Stormwolfe is a Wolf Shifter and a Guardian of Chaos. Fergie McAndre is a typical normal with an atypical obsession for shoes. Tossed into a fight between supernaturals, the human woman is about to get got unless he steps in. Her voice, her scent, her smile, all call to his inner Wolf. Ready or not, this Guardian has found his fated mate, but can he save the fiery redhead from harm and convince her that she belongs to him?

Category : | Metaphysical Fiction, Occult Metaphysical Phenomena, Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction
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