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pdf | 4.2 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B92RJJ71 | Author: Brian Tracy | Year: 2022


The weekly undated Managing My Assignment, Planning for My Purpose planner for black women is the time management tool that you didn't know you needed.

Running a kingdom is a full-time assignment. A Queen must cater to the ever-increasing needs of her subjects, while also balancing the needs of her successors. Every minute of every day needs to be managed effectively as she juggles both personal and professional responsibilities. To be successful, a Queen must have a tool in place to help declutter her mind so that she can rule her kingdom with purpose.

With its dashboard design our planner will introduce you to expert productivity tools that will bring clarity to your day, help to manage your stress, and increase your chances of succeeding in your journey.

To make the journey more efficient, our planner is undated to allow you control your steps. Every day is different. Some days you'll have a lengthy to-do-list and some days you'll just need to take a beat. Our planner is designed so that you skip a day here or there while still taking full advantage of our time management tool and preventing the waste of planner pages. We also provide lined blank pages to gather your thoughts and capture your creativity.

To effectively manage your reign, we've provided state-of-the art financial tools. As any Queen knows, the mainstay of a strong kingdom is its financial foundation. Through our budget planner and expense tracker , you can take control of your finances by managing your expenses as you to work towards financial freedom and generational wealth.

Also critical to a Queens success is an effective plan for the future of her subjects. Putting pen to paper is powerful, but only when you've got a plan. Our monthly goals tracker helps you create and manage your plan, breaking your plan down into monthly, weekly and daily action steps. Most importantly you'll be able to track your progress!

Our core productivity tools include:
[*] Yearly Planner
[*] Monthly Planners
[*] Two-Page Weekly Planners

Planner Details
[*] Case Laminate
[*] Softcover
[*] Glossy Finish
[*] Minimalist Design
[*] Undated
[*] 278 Pages
[*] 8.5 x 11

Perfect Gift for
[*] Administrative Professionals
[*] Family / Household Management
[*] Small Business Owners
[*] Teachers
[*] Students
[*] Wedding Planning

This planner will help you to live the life that you deserve by using top-notch productivity tools to manage your time while directing you as you walk in your purpose.
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