The Phoenix and His Prince The - Adara Wolf


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epub | 1.13 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BSJC45F2 | Author: Adara Wolf, R. Phoenix | Year: 2023

The only thing Elric has ever wanted was to rule. Now his brother and a dragon sit on the throne, and his only recourse is to beg the phoenix Athan for help. Elric will trade anything-even his body-for power.

There's nothing wrong with wanting power, no matter what Athan says. Elric's soul isn't broken, or dirtied, or rusted. Athan's insistence on "fixing" Elric is nothing but a distraction.

Elric's ambition might drive Athan away entirely, but Elric doesn't need smiles. He doesn't need joy. He doesn't need Athan's heat, which warms the dark corners of himself he'd thought long forgotten.

So why does the thought of losing Athan make Elric question everything he's ever wanted? Though The Phoenix and His Prince should function as a standalone, it is best enjoyed after reading The Dragon and His Prince and has considerable spoilers for Dragon . (Please mind the warnings for Dragon , as it is considerably darker than Phoenix !)
Content notes: Phoenix is a villain redemption story that contains a scene of sexual assault between main characters (we promise it's not there for the sake of being there; it's important!). For more notes, please check the authors' websites.
Category:LGBTQ+ Fantasy Fiction, LGBTQ+ Fantasy, Gay Fiction

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