The Mechanic Daddy - Daniel Elijah Sanderfer


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The Mechanic Daddy - Daniel Elijah Sanderfer
epub | 219.2 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09M7JZRMY | Author: Daniel Elijah Sanderfer | Year: 2021


William Setliff is a loner with a past. He's got a hard outward appearance and runs an auto repair shop on the outskirts of town. Lately, work isn't fulfilling him the way it used to. He's been searching for something for some time to distract him from his loneliness.

Leonardo Menke is a delivery driver for a food app. He's not the luckiest boy in the world, but he gets by. After a series of failed jobs and hookups with guys, he's resigned himself to a life of being alone. Fate isn't through with him yet. When his car starts having trouble on his route, he finds himself stopping at the only auto repair shop he knows, Billy's Automotive.

Little does he know, the mechanic that owns the place might be able to fix more than just his car. Join best-selling author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for this sweet and gritty age-gap/daddy romance filled with fun, love, choices, and angst.
Category:Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance