Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10


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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windo 10
epub | 80.78 MB | English | Author :paul McFedries | 1119698596 | 2020 | Wiley

Book Description :

Master Windo 10 by reading only one book
Teach Yourself Visually Windo 10, 3rd Edition brings together all of the necessary resources to make you an expert in the use of the latest version of Windo. Using highly visual techniques to maximize learner retention and memory, Teach Yourself Visually Windo 10 will have you breezing through the most popular operating system in the world in no time.
The book includes hundreds of step-by-step and illustrated sets of instructions to teach you both the basics and the complexities of Windo 10 operation. Lessons include:
· Installing and repairing applications
· System maintenance
· Setting up password-protection

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