Tea at the Palace A Cookbook 50 Delicious Afternoon Tea Recipes


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epub | 75.28 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09THHXP4N | Author: Carolyn Robb | Year: 2022


Former royal chef Carolyn Robb presents sumptuous recipes for tea time inspired by the signature dishes served at 12 of the most popular and luxurious palaces in England.

From classic Giant Bourbon Biscuits inspired by Kensington Palace, to Little Scones with Raspberries and Clotted Cream for a Buckingham Palace-inspired garden party, to a White Chocolate and Mint Cake reminiscent of Highgrove House, each delicious recipe offers a taste of the history and tradition of royal British tea parties.

ROYAL INSIDER: Carolyn Robb served as a chef to the Royal Family for 11 years, creating everything from intimate family meals to sumptuous formal events.

50 RECIPES: Recreate a royal tea party with sweets, savories, drinks and more.

INSPIRING IMAGES: Filled with beautiful food photography and inspiration for setting a tea table fit for a Queen!

PALACE TOUR: Take a virtual visit to 12 of the most popular and luxurious Palaces the Royal Family has called home.

CLASSICS MADE MODERN: Recipes rely on seasonal ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions so that cooks of every skill level can make palace favorites at home.
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