Taken by the V&ires A Revers - Charmaine Ross


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Taken by the Vampires A Revers - Charmaine Ross
epub | 353.81 KB | English | Author :Charmaine Ross | B0899R22XJ | 2020

Book Description :

She's ours, but she doesn't know it. She wants to leave. We can't let that happen. We're never letting her go.

I've done it now. Upset the spoilt son of the mayor of Conway. And I'm on the run. Only 'the run' means I have to conceal a secret I've spent my whole life hiding. If they found out I had a Grimoire, they'd not only kill me, they'd kill my mother.

Only when I try to hide it, I'm overtaken by a freak storm and wake to find three men have taken care of me. Three men, who it turns out are not really men at all. And they want me to end a curse that has kept them imprisoned for centuries.

I don't have a problem with the intimate side of 'helping them out', but when they tell me it means I'll I'm their fated mate and I'll be joined with them forever, I have to think twice. Because then they'll know everything about me. They'll know that even my secrets have secrets - and that I have the power to keep them cursed, or end their existence forever.

This is a reverse harem, fated-mate, twisted fairy tale, paranormal romance with adult topics. 18+ readers only.

Category : | Paranormal Vampire Romance, Mythology & Folk Tales, Fairy Tale Fantasy
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