Summer Waves S E Isaac


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Summer Waves S E Isaac
epub | 133.97 KB | English | Author :S.E. Isaac | B088CRDMJ6 | 2020

Book Description :

'Summer Waves' is book 6 in the Forever Safe Summer II Series, a standalone series.

Bethany Nez has worked hard for her business. She won't stop until she's reached the top, which means everything else including her love life has been put on the backburner. No matter how much her family and employees insist that she find love, Bethany continues on her path to success.

Giovanni Russo is all work and no play. But when his newest employee, Jacob Nez, decides to play cupid, Giovanni comes face to face with a woman who stops his world. She is everything he ever wanted in a woman. She is the woman who makes him realize it may be time to stop and smell the roses.

Will Giovanni be able to get Bethany to slow down long enough to smell the roses? Will a relationship form that surfs the waves of love or will Giovanni's hopes be washed out?

Category : | Contemporary Romance Fiction, Contemporary Romance, 90-Minute Romance Short Reads
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