Strategic Marketing Planning and Control


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pdf | 3.06 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0750644822 | Author: Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford | Year: 1999


'Strategic Marketing: Planning and Control' is the new core text for the Planning and Control syllabus of the CIM postgraduate diploma. Equally applicable for industry practitioners, this book cuts through the complexity and jargon surrounding the subject, to provide readers with a clear, concise guide to the tools, techniques and knowledge necessary to facilitate strategic marketing decisions (analysis, formulation and implementation).

The text also covers contemporary issues, by exploring current developments in marketing theory and practice including the concept of a market-led orientation and a resource/asset-based approach to internal analysis and planning.

'Strategic Marketing: planning and control':

* provides a synthesis of key strategic marketing concepts;
* is a concise and comprehensive text which is tightly written to accommodate the reading time pressures on students;
* is highly exam focused with all material presented having been class tested and refined.

Written by the Senior Examiner for the CIM Strategic Planning and Control Diploma Module.

Highly exam focused.

Provides a synthesis of key strategic marketing concepts and recognises the growing importance of 'implementation' in the overall marketing process.

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