School Choice by David R Garcia


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School Choice by David R Garcia
epub | 257.81 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08BSTHC4P | Author: David R. Garcia | Year: 2018


An accessible guide to the major issues and arguments surrounding school choice. The issues and arguments surrounding school choice are sometimes hijacked to make political points about government control, dematic ideals, the public good, and privatization. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, David Garcia avoids partisan arguments to offer an accessible, objective, and comprehensive guide to school choice. He first outlines the different types of school choice, including home schooling, private schools, freedom-of-choice plans, magnet schools, charter schools, vouchers, and education savings accounts. Two themes emerge as particularly resonant in the American school choice debate: the long history of school desegregation, and debates over the roles and responsibilities of government. Is education a public good, for the collective benefit of society, or a private good, to benefit the individual? Garcia describes and evaluates the...
Category:Federal Education Legislation, Charter Schools, Education Policy

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