Saving Raylynn Smoky Mountain - Courtney Lynn Rose


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Saving Raylynn Smoky Mountain - Courtney Lynn Rose
epub | 195.72 KB | English | Author :Courtney Lynn Rose | B08CCL71K9 | 2020 | Croí na Tine Publishing

Book Description :

After being an Enforcer for the Smoky Mountain Regulators for the last seven years, I've seen some gruesome things. Hell, I've done some things that would give most serial killers nightmares.

But nothing has ever gutted me like finding Raylynn-- beaten, raped, drugged, and barely holding onto life in a filth ridden basement where she'd been for six months.

I've never attached to someone the say I did her the moment I walked in that room and now, all I want to do it protect her. It's going to take a long time to build her back up, physically and mentally, to the woman she was before this, but every fiber of my being wants to be the man who does that for her.

The men that kidnapped and shattered her aren't going to let her go so easily though, and even if I hate her choices, if I don't respect them, I risk her hating me too-- and then I'd lose her forever.

Category : | 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Mashup Fiction, Romantic Suspense
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