Red Carpet Disaster A Paranorm - Shane Morton


Red Carpet Disaster A Paranorm - Shane Morton
epub | 414.92 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B099P38JMF | Author: Shane Morton | Year: 2021


Two movie stars caught up in a PR rivalry while hiding their secret love.
What happens when they meet their mate?
All hell breaks loose!
Apollo Kesios is not only one of the most brilliant stars in Valleywood- he's also a secret god. His films break box office records, and his smile melts the hearts of millions. He's also involved in a secret love affair with another movie star - Horus Ahket. Is it love- no. But it works for them.
Tim Sighrus is Apollo's overworked assistant. He takes care of everything for his boss, but all he wants is for fate to give him Hy Senth as his mate, but fate has not listened. They love each other desperately, but know that at any time, fate could change the course of their lives, and their love.
When Chad Chester the editor of The Mischief Daily tells them that he has Apollo in his sights, it starts a chain reaction that will change the course of their lives forever.
Can they handle trying to save the world?
Can they get over each other and accept the mate fate threw in their paths?
Or will it be another Red Carpet Disaster?
Category:Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance


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