Professional Cake Decorating - Toba Garrett




Professional Cake Decorating was developed as a book on the subject that is standardized, thorough in scope and technique, and a highly professional study guide that addresses the needs of a reemerging and growing industry. The book originally came about because over two decades of teaching, many of my professional and vocational students expressed an interest in one book that teaches, explains, and guides them through the difficult and specialized techniques used in the cake decorating industry. I am happy to say that Professional Cake Decorating is such a book.
In this second edition, we have strived to create a book that is more user-friendly. Several of the lessons have been reorganized, and others have been combined for more progressive and intensive training. Many lessons contain additional skills and new techniques, such as a marzipan bridal couple; variations on a closed tulip; several variations on writing in icing with decorations that can be suitable for cake tops; variations on appliqué; additional marzipan fruits such as jalapeño peppers, heirloom tomatoes, and mangoes; floating collars that suspend in the air; stunning cake designs such as a beautiful “pillow cake” with monogram, tassels, and drapery and a fi nished buttercream-iced cake with greeting and chocolate roses; and more— all drawing on thirty plus years of training, traveling, teaching, and running an independent cake decorating business. This second edition explores everything related to cake artistry using more than 200 step-by-step and portrait photographs, more than 125 drawings and patterns, more than 35 tested recipes, a gallery of the most spectacular cake and confectionery art imaginable, and a plethora of personal hints and proven techniques.
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