Practical Electrical Wiring


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Practical Electrical Wiring
pdf | 15.18 MB | English | Author :Hartwell, F. P.; Richter, Herbert P.; Summers, Wilford | 0971977968 | 2015 | Park Publishing, Inc.; 22 edition

Book Description :

Comprehensive and detailed, this reference presents the critical revisions in technical topics driven by emerging technology and building-code changes. Starting with a basic overview of the National Electrical Code and its enforcement, this handbook revie the theory and practice of installing electrical wiring. The guidelines provide an essential context for understanding the major industry segments-residential, farm, commercial, and industrial-and the techniques that help to prevent or solve all wiring problems. A wealth of tips and handy tricks offered in a professional, down-to-earth style make this a favorite on-the-job resource. Professional practitioners, students and apprentices, and those seeking more information on performing electrical work at home will find everything they need to know about the wiring trade in this handy volume.

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