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PMP Training Kit
pdf | 82.16 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1734133455 | Author: Sean Whitaker | Year: 2020


The Project Management Professional Exam (PMP) is notoriously difficult to pass. The PMBOK and PMI recommends using more than one source to pass the PMP exam.

The All-In-One PMP® Exam Prep Kit utilizes five teaching methods (visual, language, oral, texting, and memorization), ensuring every type of learner can master the material and pass the exam on their first try.
This is a comprehensive study resource for any professional preparing for the PMP exam.
This thorough and up-to-date preparation aid includes:

[*]Focus on Agile, and Domains: People, Processes and Business Environment
[*]Earn 60 PDUs
[*]Earn 25 PDUs reading and studying the All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Guide
[*]Earn 35 PDUs taking the free Project Management training
[*]A PMP Pamphlet with summarizations of the main topics to be tested on the exam, to help quickly refresh you
[*]49 PMP process and all knowledge areas, allowing you to speak PMP language fluently
[*]Over 1300 exam questions, answers, and explanations
[*]5 complete mock exams
[*]240 flashcards for easy and quick review of terms and definitions
[*]PMP templates for immediate improvement on project management at work

If you're only going to utilize one study resource, this comprehensive all-in-one aid is the one to acquire.
Praise & Reviews
"This a great book full of a ton of information to get prepared for the PMP Exam, including lots of questions and answers and flash cards to help study for the exam. Thank you for putting all this information together for success." ~Jamison ★★★★★
"I would not have passed the exam without this book! A HUGE thanks to the author!" ~Success Seeker★★★★★
"Not everyone would enjoy reading a project management book but I am an IT professional and I love reading books like this to sharpen my PMP skills as well as prep myself for the test." ~Dr Chris Jones ★★★★★
"Very complete for the preparation of the PMP certification exam. Especially useful the question section. The answers are very well explained and result in a great help to identify the points to be reinforced." ~Miguel C ★★★★★
"This is a really well put together book for the PMP exam as well as how to improve as a project manager. Not only does it have a lot of practice questions, but I found the flashcards and the PMP templates really helpful! Would definitely recommend this book to anyone going for their PMP not only to pass but to also be the best PMP on the job as well!" - Amr Aly, ★★★★★
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