Perfection An Age Gap Romance Gianni Holmes


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Perfection An Age Gap Romance Gianni Holmes
epub | 417.27 KB | English | Author :Gianni Holmes | B088VRJVS8 | 2020 | Coco Nutz Publishing

Book Description :

Spoiled. Adj. destroyed, damaged, or no longer able to be used.


When I move to a small town from the big city, my plans are simple. Get my co-owned coffee shop off the ground and work on my baggage. Alone. My plans are shot to hell when wealthy frat brat Ashton Keyes stumbles into Cafe Crave. Drunk. That's all the warning sign I need to stay away from the self-destructive boy. But he's everything the Daddy in me craves and I can't walk away.

Everything hurts. The lies. The perfect image. The fake smile. Only when I'm drunk do I find relief. Until the night I meet Daddy Callum and decide he's mine. But, he has strict rules for us to be together, and his punishment is unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Is it enough to keep the darkness at bay, or is it too late to be saved?

Spoiled is the first book in the Spoiled Perfection duet and is not meant to be read as a standalone. While book 1 ends with a hopeful HFN note, book 2 must be read for a full resolution and the much anticipated HEA.

Perfection, the second book in the duet will be released in June.

Category : | Bisexual Romance, Gay Romance, Gay Fiction
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