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Paper Hearts Jen Atkinson
epub | 326.32 KB | English | Author :Jen Atkinson | B08BPLR1V5 | 2020 | JA Books

Book Description :

She'd dreamt of him.

Esther had been dreaming the same dream for weeks. Visions and emotions filled her mind at night that strangely felt real. After the loss of her parents, she'd been raised by her aunt. The dreams began the day her elderly aunt also died-leaving Esther seventeen and very much alone. Esther told herself she was used to being alone-that she liked it even. Which is maybe why moving in with her uncle and his family, who are practically strangers, feels scarier than the reoccurring dream, or the thought of ending up alone. Soon, she'll be ten hours from the only home she remembers, and the one person she has left in the world-her best friend.

Finn doesn't care about any of that.
He's got bigger problems. Being sick and angry never gave him much time to think about anyone else. How could it? He's dealing with smothering parents who are clearly in denial about his life and a body that's trying to give out on him. Why can't everyone just accept what is and let him live the way he wants to?

When Esther and Finn's worlds collide, fact and fiction begin to blur. Signs of Esther's dreams are all around them. For the first time in a long time, Esther doesn't feel like loneliness is her only future, and Finn starts to believe he may have more than video games and just another hang-out night with his friends to live for. Will Esther's dreams lead them to their saving grace, or will it just be another heartbreak?

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