Nanoelectronic Materials, Devices and Modeling


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Nanoelectronic Materials, Devices and Modeling by Qiliang Li, Hao Zhu
pdf | 38.13 MB | English | Author :Giorgio Luciano | 2019

Book Description :

The book helps readers develop fundamental skills in the field of biomedical illustrations with a training approach based on step-by-step tutorials with a practical approach. Medical/scientific illustration mainly belongs to professionals in the art field or scientists trying to create artistic visualization. There is not a merging between the two, even if the demand is high. This leads to accurate scientific images with no appeal (or trivial mistakes), or appealing CSI-like images with huge scientific mistakes. This gives the fundamentals to the scientist so they can apply CG techniques that give a more scientific approach creating mistake-free images.

Key Features

  • This book provides a reference where none exist.
  • Without overwhelming the reader with software details it teaches basic principles to give readers to fundamentals to create.
  • Demonstrates professional artistic tools used by scientists to create better images for their work.
  • Coverage of lighting and rendering geared specifically for scientific work that is toturoal based with a practical approach.
  • Included are chapter tutorials, key terms and end of chapter references for Art and Scientific References for each chapter.

Category : | Molecular Biology, Rendering & Ray Tracing, Cell Biology
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