Mental Diagrams


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Mental Diagrams
epub | 4.97 MB | English | Author :Claudio Aros | B00YLQWBWO | 2015 | Skyhorse Publishing

Book Description :

When Einstein said we only use 10 percent of our brain, he was inviting us to explore all those capabilities that are waiting to be awakened. This book finally explains how to do just that.
Mental diagrams are a simple, efficient means of activating all our potential. Upon sketching a mental diagram, we create a blueprint with shapes, colors, and figures to process information faster and to increase our ability to synthesize.
This excellent, creative system of thinking allo us to obtain a joint vision of life's daily problems in addition to strengthening all the areas in which our mind operates, like memory, concentration, logic, or intuition. In the pages of this book, you will discover:
[*] The function of the human brain
[*] How to create mental diagrams
[*] Exercises to strengthen memory
[*] Intelligence regarding personal decisions
[*] Tests to develop intuition and creativity
[*] Secrets of the great lecturers

Category : | Logic & Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Optical Illusions
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