Lassoing A Montana Heart Flightner, Ramona


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Lassoing A Montana Heart Flightner, Ramona
epub | 307.7 KB | English | Author :Flightner, Ramona | B084Z39ZSL | 2020 | Grizzly Damsel Publishing

Book Description :

A desperate journey to an unknown land. A selfless act of kindness. A marriage of convenience.

Davina MacQueen yearns for a loving family. After fleeing from her conniving father in Scotland, she arrives in Bear Grass Springs, Montana Territory, with hope and determination. Soon, she is an integral part of daily life on Sorcha and Frederick's ranch. Unfortunately, the giant of a man, Slims, is to be her tutor in the kitchen. He's intolerable. Insufferable. And all too attractive for her liking.

Slims has no time for teaching Miss Sorcha's cousin. Against his will, he begins to yearn for the time alone with her, even if it's obvious she loathes him. What he wouldn't give to trace his fingers through her silky, golden hair and hear her laugh.

When they are stranded in the middle of a blizzard, he is shocked by her dedication to his wellbeing. Upon arrival in town, she is threatened by vicious gossips, and he realizes he will do anything in his power to protect her. If only she would accept his love as readily as she accepts his proposal.

Will Davina learn to trust in a Slims's love again, or will she allow the fears from her past to keep her alone?

Immerse yourself in 1880's Bear Grass Springs, Montana Territory!

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Category : | Victorian Historical Romance, Victorian Historical Romance, Western Romance
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