If I Touched the Earth by Cynthia Rogerson


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epub | 3.66 MB | English | Isbn:9781845024420 | Author: Cynthia Rogerson | Year: 2012


In the few seconds after the crash, something strange happens. There's a sudden change in the atmosphere of the material world. And in nearby Evanton the light flattens so anything unbeautiful becomes sinister and pretty things seem slightly surreal.
When Alison Ross loses her son Calum in a car crash, her world turns upside down. In her struggle to cope, she does some strange and uncharacteristic things - starting with a one-night stand with her ex-best friend, Neal - and sets in motion a chain of events that will lead her on a journey she could never have imagined.
If I Touched the Earth is a warm and compelling novel, delicately weaving a powerful story about life's unexpected moments and the ways in which these events can change our paths forever.
"Cynthia Rogerson penetrates the complexities of the human heart with this wise, true and tender novel. The way she navigates us through the uncertain landscapes of love and grief is both profoundly affecting and joyously comforting, proving Rogerson to be nothing less than Scotland's very own Anne Tyler."
"Cynthia Rogerson's intelligent and patient novel follows hard on the heels of Sue Peebles equally excellent prizewinning novel The Death of Lomond Friel."
"Handled with wit, tenderness and sureness of language. Original and accomplished."



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