Her Dirty Cowboys Roma James


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Her Dirty Cowboys Roma James
epub | 329.2 KB | English | Author :Roma James | B088176D1B | 2020

Book Description :

Am I walking a thin line flirting with these two lawmen?

I'm no stranger to male attention-but the guys who catcall me at college are worlds away from these two older men who know exactly what they want. And they both want me.

Sheriff Cole Wright and his deputy, Prescott Lane, are the definition of real men, and they're hot as hell. They're a package deal when it comes to law enforcement in the town of Bliss, but in matters of the heart?

Let's just say I've seen some eye-daggers when one catches the other checking me out. I'll admit I've considered what it would be like to have them both.

Seeing my best friend with her two cowboys has me more than a little curious, and what could be better than falling in love with two gorgeous lawmen who already share a bond with each other?

But while I can see the appeal of coming between them figuratively, I don't know if they're willing to share.

The last thing I'd want to do is compromise their friendship-especially while they're working together on an investigation into a wave of attacks at local ranches.

And to be honest, just thinking about being with both of them might be as much as I can handle.

Because when I imagine the two of them out of their uniforms? Well, I'm pretty sure my thoughts alone are illegal in most states.

***Her Dirty Cowboys is a steamy ménage romance for readers who like their men in uniform, eager to protect and serve, and ready to ride.***

Category : | Romantic Suspense, Western Romance, Western Romances
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