Healing the Gut - A Crib Sheet for Eliminating SIBO


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epub | 270.1 KB | English | Shepherd Hoodwin | 2015 | Summerjoy Press | Page: 58

Book Description :

When I was diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), my doctor prescribed a rigorous diet and regimen to heal my gut. There were many online resources, but trying to understand them and figure out what I was supposed to do made my brain hurt. The information out there is mostly not presented very clearly for the beginner. As I finally figured it out, I thought I could save others some trouble by presenting this distillation.

Digestive problems are an epidemic in our modern world, with our degraded food supply and pollution. In my reading, I was amazed to learn how many conditions can be improved or healed by healing the small intestine. I hope this information gets out more.

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