Give Me My Chocolate Or The Turtle Dies (NXB Thế Giới 2011) - Brenda Schuster, 148 Trang


A frank, quirky look at expat life in Viet Nam. Everything you want to know or wish you could forget about living in a Southeast Asian city, from fording floods to finding lingerie (in your size). If you don’t laugh — a lot — you haven’t lived in Asia long enough. (If you don’t laugh at all, it’s probably time to go home…).
About the author: Brenda Schuster is best known in Ha Noi for her appearances in The Possibly Funny Show stand-up comedy night and The Unrehearsals improv comedy troupe, as well as for her satirical essays in local magazines.
  • Give Me My Chocolate Or The Turtle Dies
  • NXB Thế Giới 2011
  • Tác giả: Brenda Schuster
  • Số trang: 148
  • Kiểu file: PDF
  • Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Việt
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