Geo-Data - The World Geographical Encyclopedia 3rd Edition


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Geo-Data - The World Geographical Encyclopedia 3rd Edition
pdf | 86.78 MB | Author :Cindy Baldwin

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Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics has become one of the most widely adopted, consulted, and authoritative introductory textbooks to linguistics ever written. The scope of the text makes it suitable for use in a wide range of courses, while its unique organization into student-friendly, self-contained sections allo for tremendous flexibility in course design.
The twelfth edition has been significantly revised, clarified, and updated throughout-with particular attention to the chapters on phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, and especially psycholinguistics. The restructured chapter on psycholinguistics makes use of recent research on language in the brain and includes expanded coverage of language processing disorders, introducing students to current models of speech perception and production and cutting-edge research techniques. In addition, exercises have been updated, and icons have been added to the text margins throughout the book, pointing instructors and students to useful and engaging audio files, videos, and other online resources on the accompanying Language Files website, which has also been significantly expanded.

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