Escaping Midnight (Stand Alone Viola Grace


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Escaping Midnight (Stand Alone Viola Grace
epub | 294.12 KB | English | Author :Viola Grace | B08CCFJX49 | 2020 | Viola Grace

Book Description :

Enticed by the elf king to a ball in his kingdom, Amelia gets magical assistance for her wardrobe and a chance at a new life. after midnight.

Amelia has lived her life serving her family. At her stepmother's urging, she has been running through the barrier that confines the elf king and stealing from the plants and trees that she can reach. Every time she passes the barrier, she starts a countdown and makes it out of the enchanted forest before the king thunders upon his horse. She listens for the hoofbeats and makes every moment count.
Being caught by the elf king was less terrifying than she had imagined. He gave her aid and made her smile before telling her that he was going to be hosting a party... and she was going to attend.
The king had been searching for a woman to break the curse he was under, and this young woman with the sad eyes and her penchant for the flora of his forest seemed precisely what he needed. She was definitely what he wanted. With her agreement and a little seduction, she might assist him in escaping midnight.

Category : | Fantasy Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads
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