Encyclopedia Of Baloons And Airships


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Encyclopedia Of Baloons And Airships
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An alphabetically organized encyclopedia that provides both a history of military communications and an assessment of current methods and applications.
Military Communications: From Ancient Times to the 21st Century is the first comprehensive reference work on the applications of communications technology to military tactics and strategy―a field that is just now coming into its own as a focus of historical study. Ranging from ancient times to the war in Iraq, it offers over 300 alphabetically organized entries covering many methods and modes of transmitting communication through the centuries, as well as key personalities, organizations, strategic applications, and more.
Military Communications includes examples from armed forces around the world, with a focus on the United States, where many of the most dramatic advances in communications technology and techniques were realized. A number of entries focus on specific battles where communications superiority helped turn the tide, including Tsushima (1905), Tannenberg and the Marne (both 1914), Jutland (1916), and Midway (1942). The book also addresses a range of related topics such as codebreaking, propaganda, and the development of civilian telecommunications.

  • Over 300 alphabetically organized entries covering all innovations in military communication technology (in the United States and around the world), as well as key people, locations, organizations, and signature battles
  • Over 40 expert contributors―both researchers and practitioners of military communications
  • An annotated guide to basic reading plus further readings and references for all entries
  • Glossary of key terms including acronyms

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