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General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.1-41 (1970-2009)
Format: PDF, Size: 900 MB

Copy DVD & giao tận nơi: 500.000 VNĐ
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General Relativity and Gravitation is a journal devoted to all aspects of modern gravitational science, and published under the auspices of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation.

The journal publishes research letters and papers, invited review articles on all theoretical and experimental aspects of modern general relativity and gravitation, as well as book reviews and historical articles of special interest. In particular it welcomes original articles on the following topics of current research:

1. Analytical general relativity, including its interface with geometrical analysis.
2. All aspects of numerical relativity
3. Theoretical and observational cosmology
4. Relativistic astrophysics
5. Gravitational waves: data analysis, astrophysical sources and detector science
6. Extensions of general relativity
7. Supergravity
8. Gravitational aspects of string theory and its extensions
9. Quantum gravity: canonical approaches, in particular loop quantum gravity.
10. Quantum Gravity: path integral approaches, in particular spin foams, Regge calculus and dynamical triangulations
11. Non commutative geometry and gravitation
12. Experimental gravity, in particular tests of general relativity
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.1.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.2.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.3.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.4.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.5.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.6.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.7.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.8.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.9.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.10.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.11.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.12.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.13.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.14.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.15.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.16.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.17.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.18.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.19.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.20.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.21.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.22.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.23.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.24.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.25.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.26.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.27.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.28.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.29.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.30.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.31.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.32.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.33.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.34.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.35.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.36.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.37.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.38.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.39.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.40.pdf
General Relativity and Gravitation Vol.41.pdf
Full text: http://link.springer.com/journal/10714
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