Courageous Cultures By Karin Hurt


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Courageous Cultures By Karin Hurt
epub | 852.23 KB | English | Author :Karin Hurt | B081N21G8Z | 2020 | Harpercollins Leadership

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From executives complaining that their teams don't contribute ideas to employees throwing up their hands because their input isn't sought-company culture is the culprit. Courageous Cultures provides a road map to build a high-performance, high-engagement culture around sharing ideas, solving problems, and rewarding contributions from all levels.
Many leaders are convinced they have an open environment that encourages employees to speak up and are shocked when they learn that employees are holding back. Employees have ideas and want to be heard. Leadership wants to hear them. Too often, however, employees and leaders both feel that no one cares about making things better. The disconnect typically only widens over time, with both sides becoming more firmly entrenched in their viewpoints.
Becoming a courageous culture means building teams of microinnovators, problem solvers, and customer advocates working together. A microinnovator is the...

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