Bloodstains and Bitemarks Kyra Quinn


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Bloodstains and Bitemarks Kyra Quinn
epub | 327.96 KB | English | Author :Kyra Quinn | B0896Y7FC7 | 2020

Book Description :

Love and war both come with casualties.
After her mother's murder, Nadia abandoned her hopes of a normal life and joined the Dark Hunt. Now she's trained and deadly-ready to kill the demon who stole her future and put an end to the war between Heaven and Hell.
But when the demon, Kane, takes her hostage, all bets are off. Nadia struggles to avoid his cruel temper and addictive touch. However, the longer she spends in his clutches, the deeper Kane drags her into his darkness.

At the height of his career with the Legion, Kane spends every night indulging in booze and women. His last encounter with Nadia is long forgotten. Until she joins the Dark Hunt. Kane takes no prisoners. Until he's ordered to kidnap and torture Nadia-and show no mercy to his former flame.
But how far can he push before she breaks?
BLOODSTAINS AND BITEMARKS is a dark paranormal romance novel, perfect for fans of stories like The Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Life of Anna.

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, strong language, and violence. Intended for adult readers (18+) who enjoy dark and twisted love stories where enemies become lovers, villains become heroes, and nothing is what it seems.

Category : | Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance, Paranormal Angel Romance
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